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I Weep
In the light of day I weep for you.
No out of love but out of pity
As I see you throw your life away on pity pursuits.
You will never have what you are searching for.
You’ll never find love nor happiness
Not as long as you waste your time
Writing things no one cares about.
Talking to people who care so little for you
Being used by the banes of society
I weep for you each day
I wish you knew what I know
You sad pathetic soul of a man
You wish for happiness that you will never achieve
You keep throwing you life away on useless pursuits
Oh dear sir will you ever learn?
I believe not so I weep.
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Self Drawing by JoeTisCool Self Drawing :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 2 0
Dark Poem
As I walk down the streets in the dark
I here the familiar sound of nothingness.
You aren't there to save me.
You aren't there to free me.
My empty heart no longer beats for love.
It no longer beats for truth.
It only beats for life.
All the bad things I've had to endure
Makes me feel empty inside.  
No one can save me. No one can make me happy.
For with love in my heart.
I shall never be free.
Please don't yell at me.
I can take no more.
Don't come banging on my door.
My life ain't easy.
I know that now.
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Untitled Poem
As I see you standing there.
Looking so fine and fair.
I can’t help but stare.
You’re so beautiful.
So beautiful to me.
My love for you
will not change.
You gorgeous being.
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Eye Flower Colored- Blue Version by JoeTisCool Eye Flower Colored- Blue Version :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 0 0
Mature content
The Smell :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 0 0
Eye Flower by JoeTisCool Eye Flower :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 2 0 BeetleJuice Cute Smile by JoeTisCool BeetleJuice Cute Smile :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 4 13 Snape Unicorn by JoeTisCool Snape Unicorn :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 2 2
You Should Know
Verse 1: Everyday I see your face.
I want you to hold me in a warm embrace.
I can't get you off my mind.
I thought it was a matter of time.
That I tell you how I feel.
Chorus:I thought you should know.
How much I care.
I though you should know.
I'm sad when you're not here.
I though you should
I don't know what to do.
I thought you should know.
I'm in love with you.
Verse 2:You're the one I turn to.
You're the one I long for.
Every since I met you.
You're the one I adored.
You mean everything to me.
Nothing else matters.
Chorus x2
Verse 3: You never said we were just friends.
Come on you know that's true.
I love you to no end.
I want to be with just you.
Do you feel the same way?
Tell me you love me.
You don't know what to say.
Well lets see..
Chorus x 2
You love me as well?
I thought so.
:iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 1 0
Pretty brown eyes
Pretty brown eyes.
I adore them so.
Your pretty brown eyes.
They are the window to your beautiful soul.
Oh you are the man I want.
No one else can compare.
Oh Pretty brown eyes.
I love you!
:iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 1 0
In Love poem
Look into my eyes baby.
They tell no lies.
I'd give you the world If I could.
I maybe broke but I have a giant heart.
Let me show you how much I love you.
I will always love you.
No matter what you say or do.
You are the light that burns deep inside my heart.
Nothing will ever tear us apart.
Baby I will always stay true.
Cause I'm honestly deeply in love with you.
:iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 1 0
No Love poem
Love is great.
Love is good.
I wish he loved me like he should.
My heart is broken and I know why.
All he ever did was make me cry.
:iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 1 0
Comforting Poem
I want to be in your life.
I want to be by your side.
I want to be the one you talk to.
When you can't talk to anyone else.
I love you my little turtle dove.
I want to hold you in my arms and make you feel safe.
I'll never leave you.
I'll always be here.
By your side I'll always stay.
:iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 1 0
Gusana Fan art by JoeTisCool Gusana Fan art :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 2 4 Me.. by JoeTisCool Me.. :iconjoetiscool:JoeTisCool 0 0


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United States
My name is Ray. I'm currently 27 ( will be 28 in March ). I live with my very supportive boyfriend of almost 3 years in the frozen Hell that in North Dakota. If you want to see more art from me please follow me here:…


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